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Concert Series tea

Price: $6.99 - 12 sachets per box
All-natural tea with:
  • Organic pu-er tea
  • Chrysanthemum blossoms

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Concert Series Concerto
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A perfect pairing of organic pu-er tea and whole chrysanthemum blossoms are joined to create Duet. This earthy, full-bodied tea has a unique and refined taste that's best enjoyed with a friend. The toasty flavor of pu-er tea is matched beautifully by the floral notes of the chrysanthemum blossoms, creating a stunning tea experience.

Flavor Profile
  • Full-bodied with amber hue
  • Refined, earthy taste with floral notes
  • Toasty flavor with hints of nuts
  • Long-lasting, mellow aftertaste

Choice is good:
Tea sachet: Immerse sachet in a cup or teapot filled with gently boiled water until the infusion has reached the desired strength.
Loose-leaf: Gently pull open one or more sachets.  Empty the tea into a glass teapot.  Fill with gently boiled water.  Steep until the infusion reaches the desired strength.