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Concert Series tea
Spring Sonata

Price: $6.99 - 12 sachets per box
All-natural tea with:
  • Lavender, Rose, Hibiscus
  • Lily blossoms
  • Sweet Leaves, Chinese globeflower
  • Lily, Forget-me-not
  • Caffeine free

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Concert Series Concerto
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Capture the beauty of a melody with Sonata. Featuring vibrant, whole flowers and leaves, not only is this herbal infusion beautiful, it also brews a delicious caffeine-free tea with a pleasing, complex flavor. Sonata is a veritable bouquet of lavender, hibiscus, rose, sweet leaves, forget-me-not, lily, and Chinese globeflower.

Flavor Profile
  • Light-bodied with a rosy pink hue
  • Complex flavor with hints of berry
  • Refreshing and sweet, yet tangy
  • Soft, sweet lingering finish

Choice is good:
Tea sachet: Immerse sachet in a cup or teapot filled with gently boiled water until the infusion has reached the desired strength.
Loose-leaf: Gently pull open one or more sachets.  Empty the tea into a glass teapot.  Fill with gently boiled water.  Steep until the infusion reaches the desired strength.